Saturday, February 7, 2009

Picture's of my sweet baby...

Piper and her first dolly that Modgie bought for her.
She did not want her picture taken, she wanted me to hold her.
Snug as a bug in a rug, wrapped in the blanket from Emily.
Thank You Emily for the blanket.
Trying out my new swing, I really like it.

Piper and her cousin Colter(4 1/2 months).

Grumpy holding his grand baby for the first time, it looks like
love at first sight.
Sorry I have not been updating very often but this has been a busy week, Dr appointments, my Dad, Mimi & Uncle Bill coming to visit and just the everyday things of having a new baby. Hopefully next week things will settle down a little bit and I will be able to post more. Well I need to go to bed tomorrow is a big day, Piper is going to be dedicated and them we will have 24 people at our house for lunch. Pictures to follow. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Charity said...

Awe... so cute!! Can I come hold her for a bit? :)

Gillian Davis said...

She loks like she's a sweetheart. I'd keep her if I was you! :-)

Holly said...

Hey, she's such a dolly! Do you think you could (in your spare time)post a picture of you and Eric when you were babies? My curiosity on who Piper looks like is killing me. Just a thought. Rest often, love ya...

Michelle said...

Melissa, Piper is absolutely beautiful. I know you are enjoying every minute with her. I wish I could "snuggle" with her.