Friday, September 19, 2008

Kitchen Redo-My Finished Object

Well I told you earlier in the week that my Mom and I were redoing my kitchen, we had a great time doing it and I think it looks wonderful. I decided to make this my finished object for Chari's Finished Object Friday. Enjoy! Thank You Mom for all you had work. Here is just a sample of what the kitchen did look like.
We painted the walls "Split Pea Soup" green and changed the curtains and many other decorations.
Payton's little cabinet also got a coat of paint and some Humpty Dumpty doorknobs.
This picture is a little dark but I wanted to show the wall word I put above the stove. It looks really good against the green.

I hope you have enjoyed the redo, I know that I am. I need to go do laundry and get somethings ready for our annual hayride tonight. My Mom left this morning so it is going to be lonely around here. I sure did enjoy having you come and see me Mom and help with the kitchen. We also got the nursery all ready, will post pictures of that soon.


Charity said...

So pretty! I love the "Enjoy" over the stove too. I think the "pea soup" turned out very pretty.

Michelle said...

Your kitchen looks great. I'm sitting here chuckling to myself because I see alot of the same "red" things that I have. My kitchen is red & yellow. I love fact I just recently had a birthday and got a red coffee pot. I love the red toaster...don't have that yet...anyway enjoy because it looks very nice and cozy....glad to see the pictures of the growing belly too. Take care