Friday, January 24, 2014

Be a doll Birthday...Piper turns 5

 Can you believe it Miss Piper turns 5 on Monday.   Today we had a little party with her two friends.   When she got up she got to open a birthday outfit from NeeNee and Grumpy.
 Time for presents!
 Can you tell she loved her gift...she received an Molly ~ An American Doll. 
 The theme of the party was "Dolls",  her invitation said "Be a doll and bring one too."
 Yes, they are fenced in.  :)   Piper wanted to have a tea party and sit at her little table...tea party, within reach, one year old not mix.
 Sweet Birthday Girl.
 And of course not party is complete without cake.
 1-2-3 make a wish!

More doll decorations,  it was a very easy party do decorate for,  all I had to do was "shop" the house.

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