Friday, October 18, 2013

NeeNee & Grumpy come to visit.

 Blake looks way too big sitting here all by himself.
 Sweet Brenna was too interested in all the goings on to look at Mommy.
 Piper enjoyed our trip to the pumpkin patch with my parents,  she had a great time in the play area.
 Watching a parade with some of her favorite people.
 Looks like Grumpy has the touch...Shh.
 Picture got a little mixed up, oops.    Piper and NeeNee picked the perfect pumpkin.
 Checking out the corn pool.
 Brenna seems to be saying "I would like that corn cooked please."
 And yes, I found corn in the laundry the next day. :)
And to top off a great week,  kisses from a sweet little boy.


Brittany said...

Seriously. Could these kids possibly get any cuter??!! So precious!

RicKaren said...

What cute pictures! Fun family times!