Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back in Time

 This last week we spent time in the 1850's, at the Log Village during Midwest Old Threshers Reunion.   We love this time we get to dress in our prairie clothes and just enjoy life the way it was way back then. 
 Mr. Blake in his cute baby dress.
 Miss. Brenna stuffing a block in her mouth.
 And me, myself and I popping popcorn over the fire.   I also helped make lye soap, demonstrate washing clothes using a washboard, grinding coffee and tying rugs.
 Piper got to spend some time in the school with her cousins,  she thought she was big stuff.
These are the students that were in the school this year.   
If you would like to see post I have done about this in the past just click here.

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RicKaren said...

Love the sweet old-time photos! I've missed keeping up with your blog so I'm catching up tonight. It's fun seeing other babies so close to my baby's age.