Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Sunshine In My Day

 Blake and Brenna are now 2 1/2 months old and are growing like little weeds.  I think Brenna is going to be a chunky monkey just like her big sister was.   When they got out of the hospital we joined a "formula research" and all of our formula was provided and the little ones were given gift cards each month for participating, sounds like a great deal right.   Well to make a long story short, it did not agree with Brenna's tummy and I had a very unhappy baby, so we switched formula(happy baby).  Blake seemed to be doing ok, but the Dr. wanted him to be eating more,  which he did not want to do and he began only taking 13 or 14 oz a day (instead of 24oz) and would cry after every 1 oz or so.  So we switched his formula also,  we saw a difference in him overnight, he now eats as much as he is supposed to with no fussing.  So I guess my kids did not like being "test subjects",  it was a great idea, but I would rather have to pay for the formula then have babies that are not gaining weight and are fussy.
 Piper is loving her job as big sister,  she is really enjoying them now that they are smiling and beginning to "talk" to her.   These three make everyday special(most of the time).
 And other big news is that the duo is now sleeping through the night,  WHOO-HOO!   They usually sleep 9-11 hours at night.  Actually I could not complain before, because they were only getting up once in the night anyway.  Usually at the same time so Eric and I would have a little date time(feeding babies) in the middle of the night.    So glad my husby helps with them, it is wonderful.
These two really do love each other.  If they are laying on their backs next to each other this is how you will mostly find them, arms intertwined.  Yesterday Blake was holding Brenna's hand but by the time I got the camera the moment had passed. :)     
   Hope you all enjoyed the update, I plan on keeping the blog updated more often now that I finally got my new computer hooked up.   The old one would take forever to upload photos and sometimes not even do that so that is my excuse for not updating(not that I have twins and a 4year old and a house to keep up).


June Robinson said...

Love seeing my babies. You are ah h a good mommy too!

June Robinson said...

Suppose to say such a good mommy. But I guess I am supposed to say that.

June Robinson said...
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Charity said...

Such preciousness!!! So glad they are doing well and growing so fast!! AND sleeping through the night!?!?!? That is so awesome!!!! :) Hugs to all!!

RicKaren said...

So cute! Looks like Piper is as good of a big sister as Kaite is! But why do some people get all the luck? I only have one and he still doesn't sleep all night. Seven hours is the max, but usually it is more like 3-4. Ahh well. =)

Melissa said...

Karen, sorry your little guy won't sleep through the night. This is not what I was expecting, I thought I would be getting up a lot too. I love them very much but it is also a lot of work(I guess that is just the life of a Mommy, no matter how many kids she has.)