Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake Party

 Miss Piper turned 3 and wanted a Strawberry Shortcake party and so of course that is just what we had.  She insisted on a cake, No cupcakes, so I made a cake using fondant for the first time.  I did not think it turned out too bad for a beginner.   When Piper saw the cake she said "It's perfect Mommy", as long as she thought it was perfect so did I.
 The cutest 3year old ever(at least in my book)
 All the yummy food, taco soup, chips and individual seven layer Mexican dip, magic jello cups, strawberry and marshmallow skewers, water, sweet tea and bottles of cherry limeade(I could not find anything strawberry).
 One, Two, Three blow.
She has a wonderful time and told me "Thank you" many times.


Brittany said...

Cute, Cute, Cute - ALL of it!!

RicKaren said...

Very cute--and such a very fun age!

Charity said...

Very cute!! It all turned out so well! Love the cake! :)

Pamela said...

She's adorable. And if this is your first fondant cake -- wow! I love it that Strawberry Shortcake has come back; it's so girly and pretty.

Treasure these moments!