Friday, October 21, 2011

Kitchen Makeover~Loving It!

 I told you I have been working on a project, it is now complete.  So now we will begin the tour, please stay with your tour guide and keep arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.  OK, so now that we all know the rules follow me, first you see the lovely, homey, well just plain ugly cabinets.  They totally take away from my "Split Pea Soup" walls (which I am in love with), I have been wanting to have them painted but it just never worked out (the budget was saying "no"), then enters Rust-Olem Cabinet Transformations.
 Thanks so my wonderful Mother for seeing this stuff at the hardware store, it is the greatest stuff.  So easy just wash and degloss cabinets, paint with two coats of white, paint on glaze, wipe off, clear coat and there you have it "new" cabinets. 
 I am loving the "clean" feel and look of my kitchen, so cheerful.  There is some color variation due to the fact I did not use the same pressure when wiping the glaze off,  but you know what if it doesn't bother you it doesn't bother me. 
 I am also liking my new vignettes, simple, just the way I like it.
 Someday I will get that dishwasher, hopefully in the next year.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing the kitchen going from drab to fab, at least in my opinion.


RicKaren said...

I actually sort of liked the dark cabinets (hate oak, like I have) but thought yours were pretty. I have to say, that what you did looks really awesome though!

Melissa said...

Actually Karen, the color was not the worst part, it was the yucky feel from years of previous owner neglect. I could not get the gunky feel off without stripping them(deglossing). I am loving them now though.

RicKaren said...

We lived in a house like that once! I understand--and they look great!

Jennifer Truitt said...

It is beautiful!!! Way to go girl.