Thursday, February 17, 2011

Redecorating again...

Well fellow bloggers I am at it again, redecorating. So tell me, how do you decorate? Do you change colors for the seasons, just pull out a few trinkets for the season or do you do like me and change the whole color scheme for fall/winter and spring/summer? I tend to lean toward darker shades in the fall, about the end of August you can find me changing the living room and entry to browns, reds, oranges, such cozy colors. Then about the middle to end of February I start thinking spring, out comes the pinks, yellows, blues and greens. The photo above and below are a glimpse of how the room was decorated for valentines.
Well this year I decided to try a total different color then before, don't you just love spray paint. I was walking through Hobby Lobby and this color of paint caught my eye, I bought a can not knowing what I was even going to do with it. Now I am scouring the house finding items to paint.
This spring/summer I have decided to go with a shabby chic/cottage feel, and I am loving it already. The memories sign is just one of the items I have painted so far, don't you just love the color it is called "Aqua" by American Accents. So tell me how you decorate, I would love to hear about your style. Full room reveal coming soon, gotta let the paint dry.