Thursday, January 20, 2011

Idaho Vacation Highlights

We had a great time with my Aunt and Uncle in Idaho, vacations just go by way too fast. Piper loved flying on a airplane, everybody complimented us on how good she was, that made us very happy.

It was good to see old friends again and also make new ones. You can never has too many friends.
Piper took right up with Baby Kaylin, she got to be the bossy one for once.

Good ole Idaho onions.

Piper and Uncle Max had a great time playing and laughing.

Piper was a great kitchen "helper" to Aunt Adonna.

Bruno and Piper became fast friends.
Someone got stuck!
Eric had a blast riding snowmobiles with Uncle Max and Kirk, they had lots of stories to tell on each other.
Thank you Uncle Max and Aunt Adonna for inviting us to come and see you and for showing us such a great time. We loved every minute of it and we love you very much too.


RicKaren said...

Looks like you had lots of fun out here and evidently you didn't get bored, since I didn't see you. :) Piper and Kaite would have had a blast, but I know how it is...always more to do that time to do it on vacations.

Melissa said...

No, Karen we did not get bored, they had us going all the time. We did have a lot of fun and Eric is already saying we will have to go again. I am sure the girls would have had fun together, maybe next time...whenever that will be.