Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our life...

Well things have been busy around here lately. Making apple butter and applesauce, going to camp and just everyday housewife chores. I am thinking about doing a little give away of some home canned goodies, anyone if favor?
It seems I am the only one looking at the camera, Piper and Grandma must have seen something better. It was good to see my Grandma Robinson again, I love that lady and so does Piper. Grandma thinks Piper is just a little doll.
Piper found some little girls and rocks to play with, it is cute to see her with other kids. She also found some little boys to talk too.
Autumn and Piper would not look at me at the same time so this is as good as it got. They are very cute together.
Here they are last year at camp, my what changes a year has made. Well I guess it is back to our busy lives, more apple stuff to make and hopefully I will get some more goodies to can. Ta-Ta for now!


Grumpy said...

I will swap you some of Grandpa's sweet pickles we made last week for some apple butter!

Melissa said...

That sounds great Dad. I'll bring you some at the reunion. Love you.

Brittany said...

Cute pics! Piper's hair is getting so pretty :) We have some fond memories from IA IL camp!

Charity said...

Piper's such a doll baby! Looks like she had a lot of fun with friends at camp. :)

So, umm... you want to trade some apple butter for some cherry tomatoes? :)