Monday, June 28, 2010

Vacation 2010

We had a wonderful time on our vacation to La Porte, Indiana for the Red Power Round Up. Eric took his International 1206 Wheatland to the show, there was red for as far as the eye could see. We heard that there were over 1,000 tractors at the show. Miss Piper is a true farmers daughter, we took her to the zoo and she did not get one bit excited but the minute we saw all the tractors she got very excited and began making motor noised and pointing. Click on this link to view my facebook album of some of the pictures. We took 265 pictures, of which over 200 were tractors, you have to be a real tractor nut to want to see all those. Enjoy.


June Robinson said...

Thanks for not posting all of those tractor pics. Show them to Merlin and he will be happy for days.

Melissa said...

Now Mom you know you would have enjoyed looking at them. I did put them on the shop laptop so Eric and Merlin can look at them anytime they want too.

Holly said...

Sounds like Shawn and his never ending pictures of his horses...Oh that is a better angle, great conformation, etc. Hope you had a great time!!!