Friday, May 14, 2010

Still alive!

We are still alive here on the farm but they way things have been going this week I was beginning to wonder. Miss Piper started running a high fever Monday night so we went to the Dr. on Tuesday, she had a sore throat. Wednesday still high fever and she would hardly eat or drink, Thursday evening we went to the ER only to discover that she now had double ear infection and the first medicine was not helping her at all. She is now on something different and is beginning to act like herself. So if you have ever had or been around a sick baby you get nothing done, thus the absence of post.
Laying on Dad, he makes a great pillow.

Sisters forever (although not related)

Entertaining herself while Mom washed dishes. It is great fun banging on the stove.

Isn't that a cute little tractor? Eric was so sweet and till up a flower bed for me.
Hope this is enough pictures Modge. Sure hope everyone has a great weekend and a wonderful Sunday in the Lord.

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June Robinson said...

Love my Piper. So glad she is feeling better.