Friday, April 30, 2010

Finished Object for a dollar

Don't you just love to get something for pretty much nothing? Well the above picture is of the nightstand in the guest room, OK but not just "it".
Well about a month ago we went to an auction and I got this steal of a deal. The above pile of mirrors, desk and cute chest for just a buck. The moment I laid eyes of it I knew it could turn into something cute.
So after some cleaning and spray paint and Miss Piper helping do a little sanding, I now have a cute nightstand.
I am still looking for some handles for the drawers but I do believe it is an improvement over the other table. Thanks for stopping by the farmgirl report, for more Finished objects go over the the Chari Tree.


June Robinson said...

love it. can't wait to use it!

Brittany said...

You're right - you did turn it into something cute! I'm envisioning glass knobs :)

Charity said...

Very cute - and what a great price!!! :) I'm finding nightstands aren't very easy to come by. Your's is so pretty in pink! Hobby Lobby has started carrying decorative knobs. I haven't taken time to look over the selection yet, but our HL had lots. Isn't it great you have such a cute little helper? :)

RicKaren said...

Love the nightstand and I HAVE lookd at Hobby Lobby's knobs! You will find the perfect ones there...40% off! :)

Grumpy said...

I liked the other one better! More room for my fishing magazines and bed time snacks!