Friday, January 22, 2010

Finished Object & Piper

I finally have a FOF, Yeah, for me! We had an ice storm this week and I have been stuck at home. So what better thing to do then scrapbook. Maybe we should have things like this more often. I am slowly getting my wedding album done, I've only been married five years.
To join in on FOF and to see other FOF's (like Chari's Valentines Banner), go on over to the Chari Tree and check things out.
Just couldn't resist adding a picture of my little angel. A sleeping baby is a beautiful sight.


Brittany said...

Your pages are beautiful! You had some really pretty wedding pics to work with :) I'm really itching to get some scrapping done. If I could ever get halfway caught up around here, I'd let myself get into my scrap stash for a while! It's therapy :)

Love that last photo, too. There's just nothing quite as precious as a sleeping baby!

Andrea said...

Your pages look so nice - I love the clean look :)
I miss my scrapping, but it seems like there is always something more pressing, doesn't it?

June Robinson said...

Good work on your scrapping. Thanks for showing off my Piper, sure miss her.

Charity said...

Cute pages! I remember that day! :) oh, and cute Piper too!